Every season has its fair share of fun activities, but winter is extraordinary for sure sports lovers. Winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating are top-rated all around the world. However, you can also ski in the summer if you travel to the correct location. For skiing specifically, there are a ton of unique places that can be visited worldwide. Let’s take a look at some of the best summer ski destinations around the world.


Zermatt, Switzerland

This is the Swiss Alps’ most famous peak. It is located right by the car-free town of Zermatt, which is a gorgeous and stunning village. The peak is 15,000 feet high, and it towers over the border of Italy and Switzerland. The peak stays accessible all year round, with peak summer months being June and July. You can also see Matterhorn from almost every spot on the peak. 


Ski Portillo, Chile

This next location is right inside the Chilean Andes mountains. This spot is unique because it is the oldest ski spot in South America. The location is very tiny and feels intimate as well. It is an interesting place because you will not find a Starbucks, McDonald’s, town, or a mall to shop at when you come here. There is just one hotel, and the reservations cap at 400 so they can control overcrowding on the slope. The slopes are available June through August and contain the most stunning views. This is also a thrilling and challenging choice for skiers who are more advanced and prefer to free-ride. However, there are over 1,200 acres and 35 different slopes for all levels of skiers. For people who want to get to the highest of elevations, there are heli-operations to bring them to even more enhanced descents.


Treble Cone Ski Area – Wanaka, New Zealand

Noted as having some of the best-powdered snow on the planet, this scenic slope spans over 1,300 acres. This spot is located on the South Island of New Zealand near Wanaka and is open from late June through September. This slope is fit for skiers who identify as being intermediate to advanced. You will not find accommodation to stay there on the hill, but there are options in the nearby towns of Wanaka and Queenstown.