Gordon Sinclair New Jersey

Snowboarding and Skiing 




Gordon Sinclair has always had a passion for skiing and snowboarding. In his younger years, Gordon worked for a ski resort as an instructor growing his fondness for the sport. Gordon loves to spend time on the slopes with his family whenever they get the chance. 


An avid skier Gordon has spent a lot of time on the slopes with his family. Gordon spent time as a ski instructor in his younger years, helping others fall in love with the recreational sport as he had. His parents had also spent a lot of time with him on the slopes, teaching him how to ski.

Gordon Grew up in the central area of New York. He was introduced to both winter sports and water sports when he was a young child. The appreciation that he gained for both nature and the outdoors was passed to him by his parents. Gordon’s father was an avid ski racer and competitive sailor; he taught Gordon how to master the slopes.

Gordon loves the feeling that being in the outdoors brings to him. As Gordon has become a parent himself, he has passed his love for the outdoors and outdoor sports to his family, making sure that they all get outside as much as possible. His son Liam is five years old loves to ski, and while unable to walk, his youngest daughter Isla loves getting strapped into her harness and joining the family on hikes. Gordon has always felt lucky that he can share his passions with his family, hoping that they, too, will pass down the love that they all share for the outdoors.

Gordon Sinclair is a seasoned real estate investor with a little over two decades of professional experience in the field in his professional career. Gordon graduated from Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. While there, Gordon was a duel major; he earned degrees in both Policy Studies and Geography. After he graduated, Gordon’s first career out of college was working for the law firm of McMahon, Kubrick, McGinty & Smith PC, in the real estate department.

While Gordon was in his first career working at the law firm, he discovered his love for real estate. He found himself drawn to the real estate career far more than he was to the legal side of things. Real estate had always been a considerable part of Gordon’s life. At the age of 8, Gordon was helping his father renovate houses and the numerous properties that his family-owned. Gordon eventually returned to school, obtaining both his MBA and MS in information systems and shortly after, he began to work in the real estate investment industry.

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