Most parents can’t wait to see their children on the slopes sliding sideways. This article presents three fundamental tips for teaching younger kids how to snowboard.

Proper Gear and Accessories

Having the right gear is fundamental, but it should be the correct size. Snowboarding apparel is slightly different from ski clothes. But the most important thing is to keep the child warm and dry as they’ll be sitting and kneeling on the wet grounds frequently. Children could use base layers, waterproof jackets, snowsuits, neck gaiters, waterproof mittens, socks, warm boots, goggles, and helmets during winter.

The best kids’ snowboard is soft and designed for all-mountain activities. It reaches chest height (from the tail to the tip). Other useful accessories include riglet reel, burton grom snowboard bindings, burton handlebar, butt pad, and wrist guards.

Snowboarding Lessons for Kids

The fastest way to help a child master snowboarding skills is through professional lessons. Young kids learn better with instructors than their parents. Unlike most parents, instructors and more patient and cannot be frustrated even if a child is a slow learner. Plus, they know the most effective techniques to encourage progress.

A qualified instructor uses age-appropriate lessons and can cope with children of all shapes and skill levels. Safety is critical, and the first few lessons are focused on what to do during emergencies. It is normal for toddlers to fall when snowboarding, so they need someone to remind them of the importance of wearing helmets constantly.

Focusing on Fun

Snowboarding is not the most straightforward sport to master. Children usually find it challenging to stand sideways when going downhill. At the age of 3 to 4, many kids have their center of gravity on the head, making the whole experience wobbly. It is not easy to pick up unless a child has prior knowledge of skateboarding or using a scooter. It is therefore important to find fun ways of encouraging them during the lessons. Snacks are good ideas to treat kids, while games will keep them on their toes and minimize monotony. Because snowboarding is hard work, the first few lessons should be as short as possible.

Children love snowboarding and can understand simple instructions from ages 2 to 7. Be it on fresh powder or terrain park, the above guidelines should maximize their chances of success.