Skiing has been around since the 1900s and has continuously gained popularity ever since. There are now over 500 ski resorts scattered throughout America, and the industry garners several billion dollars in revenue annually. The traditional skiing ensemble consists of skis, boots, goggles, gloves, outerwear, and a helmet. While the list of equipment remains the same, there is always a way to build a better mousetrap

Culture Trends

In addition to new technology, there is also a societal shift in the manufacturing sector that spans all industries. Companies are making an effort to embrace greener initiatives and announce planet-saving agendas. Businesses that deal exclusively with outdoor products are especially under the spotlight to walk the walk. One company that is getting a lot of praise is Picture Organic. They are fighting against climate change from every aspect of production, including the materials they use, how they ship and package merchandise, the company culture, and the business model of using non-chemical, organic, ethically-sourced, recycled, bio-based fabrics.


Gear Trends

Outdoor Retailer (OR) is the largest global B2B trade show that serves the outdoor industry. Awards are distributed to the retailers who are making a difference through innovation. Judges evaluate products and services based on multiple criteria including, function, impact, differentiation, and concept. The 2021 winners were chosen from a record 189 entries, and the product of the year is ZOLEO’s satellite communicator. This device communicates with your smartphone via a free app and extends your messaging coverage to everywhere on the planet. Made with Iridium, the rugged design and weatherproofing make it robust and resilient. 

Outdoor enthusiasts will always need thermal protection. The challenge has always been providing lightweight, breathable, flexible outerwear that can withstand harsh temperatures.

The North Face has been getting a lot of attention for their Summit Series L3 50/50 down jacket that provides a high tolerance to exertion while maintaining cozy insulation. The formula is a  combination of responsibly-sourced down and ultra-breathable mobile fabric that offers ample space for body heat to escape. 

The Rab Khroma Tour Infinium is the latest winter gloves advancement, marrying the perfect balance of flexible weatherproofing and moisture management. The reinforced leather on the thumb and palm adds to the grip precision and sensitivity for adjusting bindings or handling lines. The adjustable wrist straps make for a snug, agile barrier.