Whether you’re a seasoned veteran in the skiing game or a newbie looking to learn anything and everything, podcasts are one of the best things you can listen to. There are tons of podcasts, and they’re all available for you to listen to. Here are just a few!

Looking Sideways

With 160 episodes to choose from, host Matt Barr talks about anything action sports. Choose from skiing, snowboarding, or anything else that pumps adrenaline, there’s always something new to learn about action sports figures from this podcast. This podcast delves into the most distinctive viewpoints in action sports, and sometimes, it unearths stories that have slipped under the radar.

The Ski Podcast

The Ski Podcast offers a good and needed a change of pace. The UK-based podcast tours the slopes of Europe from Britain to France, giving you the best travel tips and interviews with famous athletes.

The Long Underwear Podcast

Much like the real long underwear, this podcast strips off the money and fame of famous skiers and snowboarders to get to know the real them. Hosted by skier Amie Engerbretson the only rule she has is that there’s no more talk of sports after the introductions. Listen as you learn fun facts about the athletes, like what they’d want their superpower to be, different experiences they’ve had in their lives, even how injuries have been helpful for the livelihood of athletes.

Out of Bounds Podcast

Adam Jaber hosts this weekly podcast. Jaber, who has myriad knowledge of the action sports world from working in the ski and bike industry for over ten years, is joined by athletes, workers, and even CEOs to talk about everything outdoor sports. 

The Powell Movement

Ski industry veteran Mike Powell hosts this action sports industry podcast, interviewing athletes in the world of skiing, snowboarding, biking, and skating. He also interviews industry insiders and even musicians. Going into these people’s lives, there can be some pretty deep episodes talking about how athletes have turned to drugs to dull the pain of not making the team or people overcoming illnesses. Some episodes just talk with well-known athletes and go more in-depth into their stories as well.