Winter has arrived and with it come to the telltale signs of a new season.  The days are shorter and colder.  Holiday decorations are up all over.  You can consistently see your breath when you step outside in the morning.  All these signs point to one thing: it’s time for winter sports to start!  While there are plenty of various niche seasonal sports like curling and ice fishing, few winter sports are as ubiquitous with the season as skiing.  Those who love skiing itch for the chance to get back on the slopes once the air starts to turn crisp and the leaves have all dropped.  However, those who have never skied can often be held back by fears, concerns, and misconceptions.  These same fears plague skiers who might see themselves as less than able to explore a more complicated skiing experience.  If you’ve always wanted to ski but have been held back by worry, here are few skiing myths debunked to assuage your fears.

Discomfort is Normal

One of the most common misconceptions around skiing is that it is often uncomfortable.  It can be easy to see how people might come to this conclusion–it’s cold, your wearing extra layers, and if it’s your first time on the slopes, your probably renting equipment.  The biggest issue in this picture is the equipment.  Often first-time skiers complain about their boots hurting, and this shouldn’t be the case.  Even if you’re renting equipment, you should be able to find boots and skis that fit your size and skill.  Take the time to talk to a professional in the ski shop and ask their opinion about what kind of equipment you might need based on your foot’s shape.

Heliskiing Is Only For James Bond Villains

Again it’s not that difficult to see why the notion of heliskiing intimates people.  Most of us have only ever seen heliskiing from either action movies or extreme youtube videos.  It can be easy to assume that the standard is dropping out of a helicopter on a random location and trying to navigate your way down the mountain.  Of course, that’s not how the reality of heliskiing actually presents itself.  First off, most helicopters have designated landing pads.  You never leap out of the helicopter; you always get out like anyone might normally exit a helicopter–when it’s on the ground.  You are still skiing on a set path that is predetermined like any other traditional mountain slope.  If you are an intermediate skier and have been curious but concerned about heliskiing–give it a shot.  It’s a unique experience and should be doable for both men and women with a baseline skiing skill level.

There are few sensations like flying down a slope with cold air whipping at your face.  It’s freeing, exhilarating, and uplifting.  Far too many people avoid a beautiful and thrilling experience because of concerns or fears that are unfounded.  If you have the time and means this season, explore a slope and see for yourself how much joy skiing can bring.