It will not be long before the snow flies and the winter sports season begins. Snowboarders will be excitedly anticipating hitting the slopes. Newcomers may not know where to enjoy the sport. Experienced boarders may want a change of scenery. Either way, there are many places to choose from in the United States that are highly recommended

 Mammoth Mountain-California 

 The mountain and resort are situated in the eastern Sierra range and has become one of the most popular snowboarding destinations in the country. As weekends are quite busy, guests might plan on a trip during the week. The location offers pistes for the novice, advanced and experienced boarders alike. More than a dozen parks offer free ride enjoyment. Travel down the long trails among the trees or try the halfpipes. The season opens November 14, and lodging reservations are available. 

 Mount Bachelor-Oregon 

 The 2,763 meter Mount Bachelor is a dormant volcano in the Cascade Mountains in the heart of Oregon. The formation’s conical-shape provides 360-degree access to chutes and gullies created by lava flows that make unique contours. All experience levels travel along the trails and pistes located in three parks. There is also a halfpipe for the daring. The resort opens December 7 and additionally offers lodging, tubing, snowshoeing, and sled dog rides. 

 Jackson Hole-Wyoming 

The resort stands on the 3,185 mountain that sits in an expansive valley spanning 40 miles wide and 50 miles long. The location offers 2,500 acres and 111 pistes that accommodate all snowboarder experience levels. The black-rated terrain is vast and mostly open. But, there are some trees at the lower levels. The resort opens for the winter season on November 26, and lodging reservations are available. The facility offers a wide range of snowmobiling activities, wildlife tours, bowling, and sleigh rides. 


 While not as recognized as Breckinridge or Vail, the 3,224-meter mountain range offers world-class snowboarding. The mountain range stands in the Yampa Valley of Steamboat Springs and is renowned for the fluffiest, driest snow around. The area is the largest in the state and extends among six peaks. There are 165 trails over 2,965 acres that accommodate boarders of all experience levels. The resort opens on November 21 for the winter sports season. The Steamboat Grand Hotel additionally offers a fitness center, pool, dining, and shopping.